Air Freight Services

Formerly known as Gading Sari Aviation Services, DHACE is one of the prominent carriers in Malaysia. DHACE is fast expanding to be the premier air cargo carrier in the region, providing services between East & West Malaysia
Maximum capacity
of 18.5 tons
  • Carriage of courier and general cargo
  • Skidded cargo and OVS
  • CAO / DGR and other special commodities
  • Seamless ramp and cargo warehouse operations
  • Carriage of cars and motorcycles
  • Special charter / Oil and Gas
  • Special arrangement for hassle free cargo transfer to airlines handled by KLAS and PMIH.
Day 1 - Day 6



STD KUL: 0430hrs

STD KCH: 0400hrs

Day 2,3,4,5 KUL-KCH-BKI-KUL STD KUL: 1000hrs
  • Full ACMI Charters
  • Request for charters must be received in advance
    • Domestic stations : 48 hours
    • International stations : 7 days
  1. The airfreight rate quoted is based on airport to airport.
  2. Terminal cargo charges and scanning charges are not included in the general cargo. The cargo should be drop off at KLAS Cargo Terminal at the respective airports.
  3. Surcharges are applicable for odd-sized, perishables, human remains, restricted goods, live animals, valuable and vulnerable cargo.
  4. Airfreight charges will be based on chargeable weight per airway bill.
  5. Chargeable weight = Volumetric Weight (L X W x H in cm3/6000) or Gross Weight whichever is higher. Please refer to KLAS for warehouse and other applicable charges.
  6. For Premium Express, cargo will be uplifted by KLAS at no charge if not flown as booked.
  7. Further discounts for agents with booking on both routes. (total above 5000 kg)
  8. All packaging must meet the IATA Standard requirement.
  9. All other terms and condition shall be in accordance with IATA Standard Conditions of Carriage

Contact Person:

KUALA LUMPUR – Yamin Jaafar
Phone: +60132686422

KUCHING – Rahim Ujang
Phone: +60193388402

KOTA KINABALU – Rezal Sapawi
Phone: +60195645921